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AD Workout

Abdominal Wheel

$31.95 $37.95


BUILD A STRONG CORE - The Ab wheel helps create a core which is one of the most important muscle groups when it comes to calisthenics. It will make you more stable in all of your exercises and power moves without ever stepping foot in the gym!

  • Has dual wheels for stability and non-slip handles for comfort
  • Helps you workout your entire upper body at the same time. Build six pack abs and burn calories at home or at the gym with the ultimate piece of home exercise equipment.
  • Burn belly fat fast with our abdominal roller wheel! The intense upper body workout this ab roller provides burns calories while building muscle to ensure you get that beach body faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Compact size makes this exercise roller wheel simple to pack-and-go, making this the ideal piece of ab workout equipment for your home, gym, or while traveling.

Package Includes:

  • 1 ab roller
  • 1 mat