ADWorkout™ - Premium Speed Rope

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I wanted to make sure that all of you could have the ultimate jump rope in your arsenal.. so I've decided to give this rope away for free to my first hundred customers!

Effective cardio training is absolutely essential in achieving a lean physique and maintaining peak cardiovascular health!

Traditional cardio workouts are typically quite lengthy and oftentimes can be ineffective..

Having a great quality jump rope is a must have for any calisthenics athlete and at AD Workout, we've designed this rope for optimal results.  


  • MADE FOR SPEED - This isn't your ordinary jump rope! Achieve the maximum number of rotations per second (up to 6 or 7!) and double-unders, for an incredibly intense workout. Perfect for those enrolled in the bodyweight bodybuilder program. Can be used for leisure or slow jumping with proper rope length and practice.

  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Cable quickly adjusts to your desired length or height. Cut off any excess cable with wire cutters. Suitable for heights up to 6". Complete instructions along with a spare screw set are included with your order!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Compact, lightweight with a carry case included. This is a high quality jump rope with easy grip handles for MMA training, mastering double unders, bodybuilding, boxing, cardio exercises, personal training equipment. Perfect for home and gym.

  • 90 DEGREE SMOOTH HANDLE TURNING - Ensures fast spinning - no friction, no tangling - like the typical long ropes. The unique handle design (cord exits perpendicular to the handles) and steel cord covered with durable, long-wear plastic allows for smooth, rapid rotations.