Why 100 Sit-Ups a Day Challenge will NOT get you results!

Posted on April 07 2019

Why 100 Sit-Ups a Day Challenge will NOT get you results!

I've been seeing these videos recently discussing the 100 sit ups a day challenge and showing their awesome results of how they get a six pack and how the sit-up is just an awesome exercise and how it works so good. First things first, let me just tell you right now that that is BS. Yes, you heard it right. That is complete BS. The sit-up is probably one of the worst exercises when it comes to wanting to get a six-pack. Yet alone, why would you do it 100 times a day? There are definitely better ways to go about getting the six pack and that's what I'm going to address today & I'm going to discuss why you shouldn't be doing the sit up.

     The sit-up is probably one of the most overrated ab exercises there is out there. Whenever somebody thinks about getting a six pack, the first exercise that comes to mind is probably the sit up. Either that or the crunch, but we're not going to talk about the crunch now; we're just talking about the sit up. More than likely, noobs or newcomers started this trend. They probably came out and said "I should do 100 sit ups a day in order to get a six pack." and that's where this challenge began.
I've never done a sit up in my training, My training has literally zero sit-ups in it and so, you definitely do NOT need to sit-upsps to get a six pack. Probably the only reason why you would get a six pack when doing this challenge is that you were doing so many darn sit ups that you're burning calories throughout the day and you just happen to be burning more calories than what you eat. So that is the basis of weight loss, burning more calories than what you consume in the day.

     Now a lot of people might ask, "Hey, Austin, what about the military? The military does a lot of sit ups and those guys are like super ripped, super lean, whatever. They're strong."And yes, you're right, the military does do sit ups. I used to be part of the ROTC program at my University. I would go to PT three times a week and sit ups are a part of the physical training and it's also a part of our physical training tests. But let me tell you this right here. I've trained cadets before and people who come out of shape into the ROTC program. Explain to me why those out of shape people can easily max out the sit ups portion of their tests, but completely bomb everything else? Why is that? My answer to that is because the sit ups is an easy exercise. Like it's a super easy exercise that without any training, more than likely you can do over 50 sit ups right now. In just one set. 

     I'm not going to leave you hanging. I will tell you what you should do. Instead of doing 100 sit ups a day challenge, you should actually go in the gym or go on a pull up bar or somewhere and you should be doing either knee raises, L raises, L sits, or even dragon flags. There's plenty of abdominal exercise to choose from. And also you should be working out your lower back. And speaking of the lower back, the sit up is pretty bad for your lower back over time. Trust me. Do it on some hard floor for a while and you will be feeling it. 

     So should you do this 100 sit ups a day challenge? No. Will it work? Maybe. Like I said, it is according to your diet, your cardio and other factors. You can't solely say that 100 sit ups a day is what got you abs. So, keep that in mind when you're seeing these transformations, 100 sit-ups a day videos and 50 sit ups a day videos. Just know that for the most part, it's all BS and there's pretty much a ton of different options, better options, to go about doing it if you want to get stronger abs and a six pack.


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