The 4 BEST Lower Chest Exercises (NO WEIGHTS NEEDED!)

Posted on December 21 2018

The 4 BEST Lower Chest Exercises (NO WEIGHTS NEEDED!)

 If you don't know, the lower chest is one of the best parts on my chest, because a lot of body weight exercise involves your lower chest. Some of my favorite ones put a lot of stress within the lower chest. And that's why a lot of people say, "Austin, you need to work on your upper chest more." But, trust me, having a great lower chest isn't a bad thing, and I'm going to tell you the best four bodyweight exercises that you can do to get one.

1. Pseudo planche push-up

The pseudo planche push-up is a push-up variation where you want to put your hands by your waist, and you want to push on the center of your body. Using this hand position will put more stress within your lower chest. And as you come up, you'll definitely feel it.

Quick tip, you want to make sure that you can lean in as far as you possibly can. As you get stronger over time, start to lean in even more and more; that will eventually carry over into the full planche push-up. To learn more on how to full planche push up, watch my Full Planche Pushup Tutorial.

2. Ring dips or a ring support hold

The ring support hold is just when you go on top of the rings and hold it with the rings turned out position. If you have locked arms, you're going to feel the stress within your lower chest. But to make it even better and work your triceps at the same time, you can go down into a dip, then extend all the way back up. You'll feel it within your triceps and your lower chest, making it a cool two-in-one combo and a great lower chest exercise.

3. Decline push-up

This involves simply just putting your feet on something, it could be a bench, it could be anything that's higher or above your knees. If you want to make it difficult, you can just go as high as your shoulders if you want to, but I personally like to go anywhere between my waist and my chest. Now once you put your feet on top of something, you're going to put your hands down on the ground and do push-ups from there. And if you put your hands a little bit lower than normal, don't bring your hands up too high, but just a little bit lower than normal, you're going to feel it in your lower chest.

4. The front dip

Everybody knows that the front dip is one of the essential movements when it comes to learning a muscle-up. It's also a great, great dipping exercise to get a great shaped lower chest. So, with that being said, you can find a low bar or you can do a pullover or a muscle-up and get yourself into the high bar position. Then, from there, start doing your front dips. Play with all variations. For the lower chest, I feel like shoulder width to wide grip works the best. However, if that's too easy for you, try going a bit closer and doing a narrower grip, which is going to work more of your tricep.


Now go try it out! Also if you want a full guide on how to build muscle with bodyweight only then try out our programs!


  • Vincent Smith: January 20, 2019

    Do u think your program is a program, 50 year olds can see results in or is it catered for younger generation

  • Luke: December 23, 2018

    Thankyou Austin for showing me the way to get muscular without going to the Wyn or even using weights but I do need some sort of bar and weights would probably help

    I’m subbed to ur YouTube and am 14

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