Secrets to Stronger Abs and a Flatter Stomach

Posted on October 12 2018

Secrets to Stronger Abs and a Flatter Stomach

     What’s up guys, I'm gonna tell you two secret exercises that nobody ever does to get stronger abs and, probably, a leaner waist. These exercises you can do pretty much anytime and anywhere, it doesn't matter where you are. Driving in your car, in between sets, in your house, it really doesn't matter. These ab exercises are so versatile and with consistent repetition, you will get stronger abs.

The Stomach Vacuum

     You've probably seen many bodybuilders do this pose, it's a great way to condition your abs and make them stronger but let me explain to you the proper way to do it. Alright, so if you have a gut, maybe your stomach's sticking out and you feel bloated, this is why this exercise is so useful. All you want do is blow out all your air, and when you do this, you'll feel a really hard contraction in your abs. Then what we're gonna do next is suck our stomach in and pull your belly button into your back. It is very uncomfortable at first, but I promise you will get used to it. As you blow out the air, you’ll get that contraction as I said. When you suck in, you’ll notice how skinny your waist gets and how pushed-in everything gets. That's why it's called a 'stomach vacuum'. Back in the classic era of bodybuilding, a lot of bodybuilders actually did this pose during competition. Now, we don't see that too much anymore, unfortunately, but it is cool once you get really good at it. And it is a proven exercise to build a stronger core and slimmer waist. As I said, a lot of bodybuilders do it, and I promise it does work.

Slow Release

     Let's move onto the next exercise. This exercise is to get a stronger core, not necessarily get a slimmer waist, but if you do it throughout the day, your core will get stronger eventually. So, let me explain to you guys how to do it. So, first with the stomach vacuum, we blew out all our air but this time we’re going to do the same thing only blow out all the air through a smaller hole. It looks really silly at first but it also serves as a breathing exercise. You’ll notice, when we're pushing out our air as fast as we can through the small hole in our mouths, we have a really, really hard contraction in our core, and that's what will build you a stronger core.

    I hope these ab exercises work for you and build you a stronger core as they have for me, if you want a more intense ab workout, check out my 5 Minute Home Abs Workout  and let me know down in the comments if you liked it.


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