How To Improve Your Vertical Jump

Posted on October 12 2018

How To Improve Your Vertical Jump

  So, I'm guessing you want to learn how to jump higher or you want some strength exercises that will help increase your vertical jump. Lucky for you, over the past three months, I've implemented three awesome exercises to help me get my vertical jump to where it is today and I've seen great progress. Keep in mind to get a great vertical jump is more about technique than it is the strength. However, having that explosive strength and working your muscle fibers will certainly improve your vertical jump.

Seated Squats


    The first exercise is the seated squat. Now I have shown this exercise before in some of my previous videos. However, I want to explain it further into detail. So with the seated squat, you want to work your way up, do a warmup set, and it's literally just like a squat except for we're coming down, sitting on a box; which should be around knee height. Don't go too low, but you also don't want to go too high, because it's going to limit your range of motion. Seated squats literally mimic or replicate doing a vertical jump. If you look at the range of motion of it and how it's performed, this is pretty much the go-to exercise if you want to increase your standing vertical jump.

Weighted Step Up

    The second exercise is going to be the step-up or better yet, the weighted step-up. Now you can do this with either a barbell or a dumbbell/kettlebells, I prefer dumbbell/kettlebells. You find a box, but this time you want to go a bit higher than we did with the seated one, and then it's like a step-up lunge. All you're going to do is put one foot on the box, then explode your way up, keeping your chest up and high and keeping the movement explosive of course. It's a good explosive movement, especially for you one leg jumpers out there, and it almost doubles as a cardio exercise because of how sweaty you get and how hard it is to breathe after.


Assisted Weighted Pistol Squat

    The last exercise is the weighted assisted pistol squat. “Why can't we just do the weighted pistol squat?” you might ask, here's the thing, we want to take out the stability factor so that we can focus on just the whole movement and exploding all the way up. You’ll want to grab a kettlebell or dumbbell with one hand and come down; go as low as you can, then explode your way back up as quick as you can. You can use your free hand to help assist your way up, but you want to try not to use as much. Aim for five or six reps on each leg and give yourself enough rest to come back to the next set to recover. You can do the straight up pistol squat, but you want to be more focused on stabilizing yourself and balancing than you are about coming up with the explosive movement.


    I hope this helps you improve your vertical jump as it has for me. If you’re not used to implementing all this weight into your Calisthenics training, then I suggest you check out my new weighted calisthenics program, Beyond Bodyweight. It teaches you everything you need to know about implementing weight into your Calisthenics training.


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