Home vs Gym Workouts: Which is best?

Posted on September 26 2018

Home vs Gym Workouts: Which is best?

Working out is one of the best habits that you can develop. We identify working out and proper exercise as one of the most successful ways to living a healthy lifestyle. For some workouts are intended to provide the recommended amount of physical activity a healthy adult should have per day; for others, it’s a way of life. No matter your end goal, or where you’re at now, we all have to start somewhere and it’s important that we get off on the right foot. Here we will look into detail at the pros and cons of at home vs gym workouts.

Just like mentioned above, both types of workouts are meant to reshape your body into a better version of you. However, there is a major difference in the format of each of these two.


Don’t have all the equipment gyms offer

If you are working out at home then you will not have all the machines and equipment that are most popularly used by fitness influencers or your “FitSpiration”. This can hamper your journey towards fitness and can be a big con of home workouts.

You don’t get to make friends to motivate each other

When you are trying to get into shape, everyone needs constant motivation. That will be much harder to achieve with at home workouts. The gym filled with people on the same journey as you with the same goals. You are bound to meet someone you can relate to, keep you accountable, and push you at the gym.

Your home has too many distractions

An obstacle we often face is that at home, our environment is disruptive and distracting. Unless you live completely alone, and even then, if you’re not that dedicated yet to working out, you will find something to distract yourself with and put off your workout.


No need to feel self-conscious

For most beginners, you only start your fitness journey when you see something about yourself you want to change or improve, and that's okay! I started my fitness journey wanting to improve the number of push-ups I could do.

However, at the gym we often times feel self-conscious and compare ourselves to others. Depending on your attitude, you could see them as motivation or as a threat, but if you’re really not that comfortable with being around people who ultimately have the same goal as you, to be the better version of you. Then at home workouts are perfect to exercise without feeling self-conscious.

Great for trying out new workouts without feeling awkward

You can try out new and different exercises without looking awkward in public. While in the gym you will probably feel a little self-conscious of your body positions and techniques the first time you do them. The reaction of other gym goers might freak you out, but in the privacy of your home, there’s no one to look or judge. Plus, there is no issue of limited space at home.

If you don’t have time to fit a trip to the gym into your busy schedule

While most gyms aren’t 24/7, you can work out anytime at home!

Great start for beginners to work their way into the Gym

If you are a beginner then maybe at home workouts are perfect for you. You don’t necessarily need all that fancy equipment to start your fitness journey and get into shape; but it doesn’t hurt to check out something small, affordable, and portable such as The Double Dip Bars, they're perfect for people at all levels of their fitness journey from beginner to advance.  They will help you get some intense workouts in at any time, any place. Place your order to purchase!



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