Eat to Live not Live to Eat: Dieting Mindset

Posted on January 28 2019

Eat to Live not Live to Eat: Dieting Mindset

A lot of people have trouble with dieting, with eating the right foods, with this and that. What I discovered is a mentality that works for me and hopefully works for you too. That is, you should eat to live, not live to eat. That is the mentality you guys should have whenever you're going about some type of diet or trying to lose weight.

What does this mean? Think about it. Live to eat means you're going about your daily life eating whatever you want because it satisfies you because you enjoy it. There's nothing wrong with that. There are literally people who go around the world eating "crap" food even though it tastes really good and they eat for a living. They get paid to do that and we see them with their own TV shows and even YouTube Channels.

If you think about it the other way, I want to eat to live. This means, in simple terms, that you satisfy your body with enough nutrients to stay alive. You're not worried about “hey, I want this ice cream. I want this apple pie”, this and that. If you set yourself with the mentality “eat to live”, it just helps you come across dieting easier.

If I’m ever super hungry and feel the temptation to take a quick trip to McDonald's. I stop and think “Eat to Live NOT Live to eat”. That internally makes me want to go in the kitchen, whip up some eggs, get some oatmeal, get some chicken breast, etc. Then once you satisfy yourself with healthy foods, you realize 'Hey, I'm so glad that I did not go to that McDonald's because I'm actually really full right now. I would have just regretted just eating junk food'.

That is my take on the mindset to have when dieting to get shredded. It helps me a lot during my “shredding” season. Sometimes I even use a calorie tracking app; just to give me a visual on how much protein and calories I’m taking in vs. how much I actually need to live. If you’re having trouble figuring out what the right foods are to “Eat to Live” then I suggest you check out my program The AD Diet, This guide gives you the secrets to eating to build muscle while simultaneously eating to lose fat. Diet helps me in the long run with my training because when you’re lighter, that makes skills easier and you shouldn’t lose strength because most of the strength built is through narrow connections, strength adaptations. I hope you guys learned something new and gained a new perspective.


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