Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises (BIG Shoulders)

Posted on March 01 2019

Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises (BIG Shoulders)

If you’ve been following me for the last 3 years, you’ll notice that I've made huge gains on my shoulders. They're not skinny anymore like they once were; they’ve become broad and I've gained quite a bit of muscle on them. With that, I'm going to tell you a few of the exercise that I did and personally worked for me to build up my shoulders. First, I will be dividing the shoulder up into its three parts and giving an exercise for each part of the shoulder that I think is best for your frontal delt, the medial delt, and the rear deltoid.

Frontal Deltoid

One of the best exercises for the frontal deltoid is anything planche related. If you’re a beginner, I would definitely recommend doing planche leans. Starting in the pushup position, you will simply turn your wrists out and lean forward while keeping a stacked, hollow body. One thing to remember when leaning forward, keep your arms locked out. Always keep your arms locked out. Do not bend your arms at all. Then lean as far possible as you can. As a beginner, you're not going to be able to lean far, but that's okay! Just work your way into progressively a stronger lean throughout time. If you’re looking to improve your planche, you should check out my 5 Min. Follow Along Beginner Planche Workout. Once you’ve become comfortable with the planche lean, the second best exercise for those frontal delts is the pseudo planche pushup. It’s a really good dynamic exercise to incorporate into your routine as your horizontal pressing movement and if you ever get to the "superhuman" level you can try doing it without any legs.

Medial Deltoid

Like with weight lifting, you can't really isolate your medial delts by doing lateral raises. So the first exercise is pretty common and as a beginner, you will want to start off with the pike pushup. The next level, intermediate exercise to work your medial delts would be wall handstand pushups. Advanced? You guessed it, free handstand pushups. Now, don’t attempt this advanced exercise until you can comfortably complete 10-15 wall handstand pushups or hold a handstand for that matter. If you need some help holding the handstand you can watch my Handstand Tutorial for some tips and tricks.

Rear Deltoid

The best exercises for those rear deltoids will simply be any horizontal pulling exercises. Your tuck front lever rows, your full front lever rows if you're superhuman, your Australian rows. Just anything that puts your body in a horizontal moving and that you're pulling. You just go to a horizontal pulling movement that's best for you. I made tons of videos on those also, so go check them out. Also, a bonus exercise that I can’t help but mention is definitely head bangers. I will be honest and say I don't do these too often, but I found that they do help out a lot in regards to your rear delts and just your overall shoulder development. 

If you're looking for more than just big broad shoulders and want to pack on some serious muscle using your body weight, I recommend you check out my program The Bodyweight Bodybuilder. This program is built and designed for beginners who are interested in Calisthenics but don’t know where to start and want to make some serious gains.


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