How to Build a Thicker Neck at Home

Posted on May 04 2019

How to Build a Thicker Neck at Home

     If you don't know, neck training has become pretty popular over the past few months. Once I noticed this, I started taking the time, once a week training my neck and my arms. From there I was trying to figure out a way to do it without having to go to a gym and use weights, and pretty much just use the space around you. Today I’m proud to say, I finally figured out how to do it and I’m here to share it with you.

     First, let's talk about the significance of neck training. A lot of great YouTubers have already spoken upon this, but neck training really gives your physique that next-level look and nobody wants a pencil neck when you think about it, right? It looks like you have more testosterone and it kind of fills out your physique as a whole. Now for me, I've never had a super thin pencil neck. My neck and traps have always been quite a decent size, however, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't train it. I started training once a week just because I truly think it makes a difference in your overall appearance.

     Now that we know the significance of neck training and why you should probably train it, the question is, how do you train it at home? The usual prescribed routine that people have been given, is to go to a gym, use a bench, hang off the side of a bench, grab a weight and do neck curls and neck extensions. But here is how you can do it at home using ZERO equipment!

1. Neck Curls

First, You want to lay down flat on your back. Then from there, you want to make sure your shoulders are a little bit curled up and that your neck is not touching the ground. You can do this on a bench, it will provide a better range of motion probably, however you don't NEED a bench. You can just lay down on the ground.

Once you’re in the proper position, you want to go back until your head goes as far as it can while keeping your neck straight. Then from there, curling your chin in so that you're doing a full proper neck curl. It's going to look silly at first, however, do this rep by rep and you will start to feel the burn in your neck.

2. Neck Extension

With this next at home exercise, you’ll but you’ll want to lay on your stomach, but don't lay flat on your stomach. Kind of curl your neck up so that your upper chest and your shoulders are off the ground. Then from there maintain that position and bring your chin down slow then extend back up all the way. Then do that for reps, head down. That is how you do a neck extension and a neck curl without using any weight.


A question I often receive when I’m neck training is, “how do you overload this so you get even more results, and as your neck gets stronger?”. Overall progressive overload leads to stronger and also it getting bigger. Here's what you do: instead of grabbing a weight, all you want to do is interlace your fingers like this and then from there in a neck curl position, put your hands on your forehead and push down on your forehead. Your hands and your resistance pushing against your head will act as a counter resistance and pretty much would act as the weight plate there. This resistance is applicable for both neck curls and neck extensions.

You want to aim for anywhere between 10 and 15 reps that I allow myself, so make sure to give yourself enough resistance for that. The great thing about using your hands and your own strength is that you can push as hard or as soft as you want to.

If you found this physique tip useful, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel @ Austin Dunham for more similar content as well as our Bodyweight Bodybuilder programs to take your physique to the next level!

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