4 Planche Progression Exercises You SHOULD Be Doing!

Posted on May 04 2019

4 Planche Progression Exercises You SHOULD Be Doing!

Before we begin, I’d like to share a disclaimer... this is not for my complete beginners out there who are just starting to planche. If you are just starting the planche training, click here and I'll link you to another beginner video of mine. The information I’m sharing with you today is for the people who already built some strength, can do more than 30 or 40 plus push-ups, and want to quicken their planche progress. The first two are dynamic exercises or that means moving exercises that you can work towards a planche and my last two are gonna be static exercises that you can do which means you're standing still, you're not moving, that you can use to work to the planche. I've used all of these exercises in my planche training to get where I'm at today with the planche. To be honest, I don't even train the planche that often and I can still hold a straddle planche for five plus seconds. I can still hold a full planche for like three, four seconds.

1. Tuck Planche Push-up

If you're at a point where you can do tuck planche push-ups and you're not doing them, then you are seriously hindering your planche progress. It'll be easier if you have parallel bars or paralettes. What you want to do is start off at a tuck planche position, straight arms. The scalpel's protracted with your knees up and you have a flat back. With all those positions in mind, from there simply go down, extend all the way back up.

TIPS: Make sure that you extend all the way back up and keep your body parallel.


2. Pseudo Planche Push-up

I've talked about it many times. Now here's the thing, as you go down into the pseudo planche push-up you're gonna lift your legs off the ground and almost hold like this bent arm lever position for a second, then extend your way back up. It's a bit harder than just doing just your standard pseudo planche push-up that a lot of people keep doing they're not seeing results, so once again wrist turned out, lean in, come down, hold the lever, extend back up, the straight arms, remember do not keep your back retracted. That's with all form and movement with the planche movement. So that's my second dynamic progression that you can do if you are strong enough to do it.

3. L-sit to Straddle planche Swing

So this is like a combination between a dynamic and a static move, but it's more static than it is dynamic. The whole entire time my arms were locked out. My arms are straight because we're practicing good form and you're holding each position for literally less than a second. You don't want to be holding L-sit two seconds, straddle planche for two seconds. We're not at that level yet. We're just trying to get our body accustom to holding these different positions. That's one of my go-to exercises when I was learning the planche and even now to this day.

4. Tuck Planche Walks

Now you might be asking what is tuck planche walks. For this, we start in our tuck planche position, then from there you just wanna slightly walk with your hands down the p-bars. Just do like five to six reps of walks and then from there, all you gotta do is rest for two to three minutes. Then repeat that over again. Do it for four to five sets before you actually do your reps and sets workout. Now, I never have seen anybody just straddle planche walks, but as I said, the tuck planche walks is definitely a good addition to have to your planche training. Makes it a bit more fun than just holding a normal static tuck planche.

Those are my four static and dynamic exercises that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to see better results in your planche progress. Now if you wanna take your body weight training and your skills to the next level and you want a proper routine on how you can implement training so that you can not only get stronger but build muscle and see the best results of your life with calisthenics. Then check out our bodyweight bodybuilder programs at workoutad.com.


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