100 Push ups a Day Challenge: What to Expect?

Posted on September 26 2018

100 Push ups a Day Challenge: What to Expect?

     If you are looking for ideas on how to build a better chest? Then push-ups are one of the highly recommended exercises. They work great for building your stamina, boosting your strength and giving you an extra boost of confidence.

     Exercise is only effective if you take it as a challenge for reshaping your body, and many are curious to know if these 100 push up, sit up, squat, dip challenges etc, really work for your body or not. There has been a trend of muscle building challenges over the past few years and here we are going to talk about the amazing benefits of the push-ups challenge.

Push-ups work on your upper chest

     If you have ever followed people or trainers who opt for calisthenics then you will have noticed that most of them have an excellent chest. Push-ups are one of the many vital exercise movements in calisthenics. They greatly improve the shape of your upper chest and allow you to progress to greater more challenging skills later on. So, this means you can get into shape and target your upper chest by doing the right amount of push-ups.

A lot of soreness the first few days

     Whether you are doing push-ups or dips or running or any other exercise, you will be sore in the beginning. This is because your body is simply not used to it yet. However, over time as you get used to doing push-ups, it will become easier to complete the push-ups with perfect form.

Push-ups overtime become easier

     So just as we have mentioned above that it will be tough to do in the first few days. But as soon as your body becomes habitual to it, you will eventually start enjoying them. You need to take it is a challenge to improve yourself to become the best version of you. In fact, once it becomes easier, over time you will see that you will have increased the amount you can do.

Already perfected your push-ups and want to do more?

     For most of us, once we’ve achieved a goal, we’re ready to move on up to the next level. Push-ups are most definitely a starting block for beginners to Calisthenics. However, if you feel stuck after perfecting your push-ups and want to improve, then purchase The Body Weight Body Builder Program. This program is designed for beginners and is a perfect guide to your success in Calisthenics.


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