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AD Workout Programs

Why Choose AD Workout Programs?

My personal approach to fitness will help you become leaner, stronger and better developed each week as fast as is humanly possible through proper muscle and strength training and nutrition prescription. I have built my physique; my goal is to help you build yours. Best of all, I will be right beside you on the path to your healthier lifestyle and amazing physique. With my program, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you will gain new knowledge on bodyweight building, developing your muscles and learning body control.

By choosing calisthenics, you choose for yourself a healthy lifestyle. You are capable of using your body alone to build an incredible physique, naturally with a very minimalistic and simplistic approach. 

The Bodyweight Bodybuilder 2.0

The ultimate guide to building insane bodyweight strength and muscle.
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AD Diet Nutrition Program

The practical nutrition guide to building muscle and shedding fat!
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