Calisthenics Power Moves E-Book

The Portable Calisthenics E-Guide

Calisthenics Power Moves is a simple calisthenics beginner guide containing info on how to get started with calisthenics and ways to use it to gain incredible strength,power and muscle.

The book also offers progressions and tips to reach some of the coolest calisthenics "Power Moves". Some of these include Planche,Pistol Squat, and the One Arm Pullup. Lastly, I go through why I believe calisthenics training is best and a little history on it !

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Austin Dunham
Austin Dunham

Hey! My name is Austin Dunham and I'm one of Youtube's leading calisthenics and fitness experts with over 100,000 followers world wide. I grew up with a passion for fitness and helping people become the absolute best version of themselves week by week, day by day.

Fitness to me is more than just going to the gym, picking up heavy weight then putting it down. I appreciate the art of body control and making healthy living a lifestyle. With that being said, my personal approach to fitness will help you become leaner, stronger and better developed each week, guaranteed.

Best of all, I will be right beside you on the path to your healthier lifestyle and amazing physique.

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